All started in 2009, right in the middle of the subprime crises and the collapse of several financial institutions. The world was falling apart and everybody was very discouraging about our idea of starting a new business with such unpredictable future ahead. But we had this dream and we decided to move forward having always in our minds that if we could survive in such adverse times, we had a pretty good chance to be successful in the future.

At the time, our business model was quite simple; since we didn’t have enough capital to invest in inventory, neither an infrastructure to keep it locally, we had to be very creative. Therefore, we came up with this idea of introducing products that we trusted, or were asked to source, to Interior Designers and Architects in order to have these same products spec on their projects and once their clients were ready to purchase these same products, we would facilitate the connection between them and the suppliers, receiving in exchange a small commission for our services.

This business model was perfect for everybody; we could sell without having to invest any capital in inventory, the suppliers, struggling at the time, saw on us a great opportunity to generate some sales that they would never contract if it wasn’t through us, and the clients were benefiting from better prices, since they were buying directly from importers, manufacturers, or quarries.

Additionally, this system allowed us to start generating some cash flow, as well as, to build strong relationships with suppliers & clients (Architects & Interior Designers), most of them still thriving nowadays.

Notwithstanding the fact that Trends & Trades–Design Agency Inc is still a boutique company, now our business has changed drastically.  We started representing exclusively top international brands in Canada, such as Listone Giordano, and at the same time, strengthen our relationships with some of our original suppliers, as it is the cases of Moruzzi & Wide Plank Hardwood .

In 2015 we were incorporated, and we started developing our own line of flooring (T&T Wood Private Collection).  Additionally, we opened our first Boutique Showroom conveniently located downtown Toronto, and in the near future we have plans to expend our concept to other cities across the country.

However, there is something that hasn’t changed since Day One; our commitment to work only with quality, innovative, and ecologically responsible manufacturers and products.

Consequently, the quality of our services and products are a strong reference for several Interior Designers and Architects in Toronto. Therefore, we have been involved with well-known and reputable professionals in this industry and the products that we represent or source have been specified and used in several local & international projects.

Our portfolio of Projects Completed and our Reference List demonstrates how passionate we are for what we do and how proud we are of our accomplishments.